Shipping Information

  • It normally takes 1 to 6 business days for us to process your order depending on the payment method chosen. This includes receiving the payment and preparing the package, not the shipment.
  • Followings are the available shipping methods. At the moment we are working with three different warehouses. Some items are shipped only within US, for those USPS first class mail is used.
  • Due to Corona virus related measures taken globally, there might be some extra delays.

USA - 1, Domestic Flat Rate

  • $20
  • T/A 10-12 days
  • Only for Atlas Pharma products
  • Only USA domestic shipment
  • Tracking code is provided

USA - 2, Domestic Flat Rate

  • $20
  • T/A 3-6 days
  • Only for Odin Pharma products
  • Only USA domestic shipment
  • Tracking code is provided

INT - 1, Regular Mail

  • $25
  • All the items except Odin Pharma and Atlas Pharma products
  • International shipment, we recommend you to add insurance with international orders. (5% of the order total). It can be added at the checkout page.
  • Tracking code is provided for the orders with insurance.
  • In case of custom related problems a reshipping is provided for the orders with insurance.


  • This is not a perfect world, small portion of the packs might get lost, seized in the customs or not get delivered by any reason. In the checkout screen you can insure your pack, and in case of any problem with the delivery we ship the order again free of charge.
  • The insurance costs 5% of the order total.
  • For reshipping a fresh address migh be requiered.
  • It is recommended to insure your pack if it is internationally shipped.

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