How to Order

  • It is always easy to order in 4 simple steps. 3 steps if you are already registered, and ONLY 2 steps if you pay with Bitcoin
  • First, create an account with us. Go to the top of this page and select the red box, "REGISTER"
  • Then, Go Shopping! Select the items you want and put them in your cart
  • Finally, select the red box "CHECKOUT". Here you will provide the shipping address and your preferred method of payment
  • After placing your order you will get a confirmation email with payment instructions (if you do not see it check your spam folder!)
  • After you have sent the payment, go to your account page by clicking the red box with your name in it at the top of this page
  • On your account page click the "Submit Payment Information" box and fill out the short form that appears
  • If you pay by Bitcoin it is not necessary to fill out the "Payment Information" form
  • THAT'S IT! We will fill your order with the finest products available anywhere and ship it out
  • The whole process may take 4-5 business days from the day you submit your payment information

Some Reviews

R..k ordered Sustanon 1250 RP

"This is the best place to get what you want with no worries! Fast shipping and love being able to track the shipment. Great job Jimmy .. thanks ..."
"Great product. AMAZING customer service - a real person and very responsive. Will definately use again...."

A.........n ordered SUSTANON 300 - ODIN

"The best quality, discreet, reasonable pricing and you can count on your order. I have placed over 30 orders in the last 4 years and never had a no sh..."

G..y ordered Testo E Atlas Dom

"Jimmy, Great service and speedy delivery, especially domest product. Impressive menu of products, at very reasonable cost, too!..."