How to Order

  • It is always easy to order in 4 simple steps. 3 steps if you are already registered, and ONLY 2 steps if you pay with Bitcoin
  • First, create an account with us. Go to the top of this page and select the red box, "REGISTER"
  • Then, Go Shopping! Select the items you want and put them in your cart
  • Finally, select the red box "CHECKOUT". Here you will provide the shipping address and your preferred method of payment
  • After placing your order you will get a confirmation email with payment instructions (if you do not see it check your spam folder!)
  • After you have sent the payment, go to your account page by clicking the red box with your name in it at the top of this page
  • On your account page click the "Submit Payment Information" box and fill out the short form that appears
  • If you pay by Bitcoin it is not necessary to fill out the "Payment Information" form
  • THAT'S IT! We will fill your order with the finest products available anywhere and ship it out
  • The whole process may take 4-5 business days from the day you submit your payment information

Some Reviews

K....s ordered Deca Atlas-Dom

"Products were delivered in a very timely manner. Only difficulty was in the payment process. It was my first order so next time it should go more smoo..."

N..k ordered Testo C Atlas-Dom

"Thanks Jim. Just recieved my vial today. Now that I know your (a real supplier) i will order more stuff. Again thanks. ..."

L.... ordered Trenbolone A. Atlas-Dom

"The Tren A I ordered is Fantastic. I got my order of domestic products quickly and they are working great...."

R..... ordered Beginner Cycle

" Was nervous about ordering at first wasn’t sure if it was going to come.. after receiving my package which was well packaged and discreet... starti..."