Clomiphene Roid Plus

Clomiphene Roid Plus

Brand: Roid Plus
Substance Clomiphene
Pack 30 tabs. (50 mg/tab)
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Roid Plus Clomiphene is manufactured by Roid Plus. The content of it is Clomiphene preparation, also called as Clomid. It is a commonly used drug by both athletes and bodybuilders.

Nearly all of anabolic steroids has an effects on estrogen level of the body which is considered as an unwelcoming characteristic feature. Since, increased estrogen level is responsible as the cause of gynecomastia which leads to breast enlargement in males. At this point, Clomiphene is used to block the estrogen receptors. In other words, it will limit the gynecomostia issue seen as a side effect of anabolic steroids. For this reason it is assumed as an recovery drug to overcome the negative effects of steroid cycles.


Furthermore, while it is blocking the estrogen release, the hypothalamus stimulates the body to release more sex hormones by releasing factors LH and FSH. The LH and FSH get active on the testes and this promotes more synthesis of testosterone hormone. Therefore, it provides an extra boost for bodybuilder on their cycle.


In case of taking it at recommended dose for the short times, Clomiphene is considered safe in most cases. Most of its adverse effects are short-dated and disappear when it is not taken. The mojor side effects of the drug includes headaches, hair loss, breast tenderness, flushing and abdominal discomfort. Moreover, while blocking the estrogen release in the hypothalamus. It may cause visual changes on the individuals who have used Clomiphene for a long time.


Many of authorities suggest that to use Clomiphene singly or with a combination with other steroids. The recommended dosage taken is variable. According to most bodybuilders it is proper to it anywhere from 50-100 mg/day for no longer than two weeks.


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