Beginner Cycle II

Beginner Cycle II

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Duration: Twelve(12) weeks      ,

Gears : Dbol, Test E, Nolvadex


A simple and effective steroid cycle for beginners. It is based on Testosterone which is one of the most versatile anabolic steroid of all and it is generally well-tolerated among healthy adult males. Followed by a PCT with Tamoxifen.

Beginner Steroid Cycle Layout

Week Dbol Test-E Nolvadex
1-6 20 mg PD 400 mg PW  
7-12   400 mg PW  
16-17     40mg PD
18-19     20mg PD
PD: Per Day PW: Per Week
With This Cycle Pack You Will Get,
3x Dianabol GenShi Labs
2x Test-E Oxydine Metabolics
1x Nolvadex Astra Zeneca


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