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Established in 1912 by Pharmacist Abdi İbrahim in the Küçükmustafapaşa district of Istanbul, he continues his journey as a vision improvement.

The focus of the brand Abdi ibrahim has always been human health, and has always maintained this awareness with care and has maintained this dedication for 107 years.Today, Abdi İbrahim, which has the largest portfolio in the sector with more than 200 brands and more than 450 products, has been the sector leader since 2002 in terms of box sales and turnover. With 4,500 employees around the world, you can easily use the products of Abdi İbrahim, which have active sales in more than 60 countries from European Union countries to Canada, from North Africa to Asia. General principlea of the brand Abdi İbrahim are;

Use Conscious Medicine!

Abdi İbrahim, the leader of the Turkish pharmaceutical sector, launched a campaign to increase the level of social awareness on the issue of unconscious drug use, which is

important for public health and the Turkish economy. Abdi İbrahim, with the National Drug Use Campaign’, which has been implemented on behalf of his 100th year, continues to draw attention to the necessity of using the drug in consultation with the pharmacist at the dose and time recommended by the doctor . Continuing its activities to improve the lives it touches, Abdi İbrahim launched the “Rational Drug Use Campaign’ in its 100th year. It was first launched by the World Health Organization in 1985 and since 1992 it has been established by T.C. Abdi İbrahim assumes responsibility for “Rational Drug Use Plan implemented by the Ministry of Health. It aims to contribute to the prevention of the effects of unconscious drug use on public health and economy.

Among the stars of the campaigns ads on TV and radios.. The effect of the drugs used by the people under the control of the doctor and in consultation with the pharmacist; “To be like bombs, radishes, stones and staples” and the results of the “swallow the pill” in the form of advertising campaign aims to make you laugh while thinking. Abdi İbrahim, aiming to raise awareness about conscious drug use through various public activities and social media sharing along with television advertisements, repeated the Rational Drug Use survey in 2017 and shared the results with the public.

What is Rational Drug Use?

The World Health Organization (WHO) meeting, held in Nairobi in 1985, is considered the starting point for Rational Drug Use studies. In Turkey, the Ministry of Health, the first studies on the Rational Use of Medicine was launched in 1992. Using medicine with care; According to the clinical findings and individual characteristics of the person can provide the appropriate drug, appropriate time and dosage easily.

Rational Drug Use considers the health of the public and the interests of society. In this respect, first of all, the patient's problem must be identified, that is, the correct diagnosis

should be made by the physician. Parallel to this, the steps to define effective and safe treatment with or without medication, selection of appropriate medicines, determining the appropriate dose and duration of administration for each medication, and writing the appropriate prescription should be followed. At this stage, validated, current diagnostic and treatment guidelines should be used.

The physician who decides which drug to use, the pharmacist who provides the drug under appropriate conditions and the nurse or patient who applies the drug are the parties

responsible for ensuring “Rational Drug Use”.

Principles of Rational Drug Use:

- Effectiveness

- Reliability

- Relevance

- Cost

The correct diagnosis

The right medicine, the right dose, the right time and the correct route of administration Evaluate treatment success, evaluate side effects and patient compliance

Anticipating interactions in multiple drug use Considering the feasibility and cost of the intended treatment

You can obtain Abdi İbrahim’s many products from our website without a prospectus, some of them are;

Acnelyse Cream 20 gr Abdi Ibrahim
Anapolon (Anadrol) 20 Tablets 50 mg
Bitiron 100 Tablets 50 mcg (T3-T4 mix) Abdi Ibrahim
Cytomel (T3) 100 Tablets 25 mcg Abdi Ibrahim
Factive 320 mg 7 Tablets Abdi Ibrahim
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Levotiron 100 mg 100 Tablets Abdi Ibrahim
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Levotiron 75 mg 100 Tablet Abdi Ibrahim
Thyromazol 5 mg 100 Tablets Abdi Ibrahim .


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